Facts and figures of agricultural teaching

Facts and figures of agricultural teaching

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A new and wide-ranging work, which represents one of the few references for composing the varied framework of union concerning the methods, the institutions and, above all, the "men" who took turns in defining the contents and the evolution of the agricultural education from the times of the Unification of Italy to today. A stimulating and, in its own way, compelling work, for all those who at various levels have operated, operate and will work for the development of a sector, the agricultural sector, which has been a mirror and image of our entire nation.

- 208 pages
- 29 illustrations - numerous tables and appendices
- Publisher Code 045
- ISBN 88-8361-045-8
- Price € 12.00

The great experience, gained following the intense and profitable work done to encourage the development of agricultural education, has allowed the author to offer all those who work in the sector a clear and complete picture of everything that has been and which occurred in the growth of agricultural studies. Everyone can be recognized and in any case will remember places, facts, or people mentioned whose history and work has been defined in the development of the entire country. For this reason, parallelism and juxtaposition with general facts is very easy and effective. Each large, medium or small reality, which has in any case marked an evolutionary page of this path, is remembered or described and this allows the reader to understand and fully frame what happened in the long path traced and not only for the agricultural sector , but for the general history of the whole country. The work of prof. Giuseppe Murolo offers, a unique case in the history of the Italian School, a synthesis of the birth, evolution and current reality of agricultural teaching at different levels, all through an organic and integrated representation of the efforts and commitments of those who train young people and to the use of agricultural technique dedicated all their strength, starting from the Lambruschini, the Ridolfi, the Belmonte to the Sanfermo ...
The relationships between the School, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture are reviewed with a complete examination of the details, which include those parallel and supplementary forms of training for farmers and technicians such as Economic Societies, Agricultural Rallies, Walking Chairs. Above all, the figures of the founding fathers of agricultural techniques and related teaching are highlighted, such as G. Cantoni, T. Poggi, O. Comes, V. Peglion, M. Carlucci, G. Dalmasso and their successors. The once active and fruitful contact points between technical schools and universities are highlighted. The result is an organic and comprehensive picture, very useful for understanding the how and why so many worthy institutions have progressed and how uncertain is looming for the future of the sector, in light of the current proposed changes under discussion. The work, after a rapid excursus of what had been defined before the unification of Italy, retraces the stages of the start of training activities in the years that led to the Unification and the subsequent birth of the Ministry of Agriculture, which agricultural education was initially assigned and then definitively removed in the year 1928. Even the birth of the smallest school entities is traced and described up to the discussion of what has affected the most famous and large realities all operational hours. From the history of the institutions we move on to discussing the evolution of the contents of the programs, up to recent evolutions, but always keeping the work and contributions of the people who have worked for this in the foreground. The volume is completed by some appendices which on the one hand summarize the distant genesis of the institutions and on the other present a synoptic and updated picture of the current reality.

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