Metato Route: Last Stage Location Campali

Metato Route: Last Stage Location Campali

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Naturalistic engineering

In recent years, new environmental recovery techniques have emerged throughout Europe, which have been classified under the name of "naturalistic engineering". This is a technical discipline that studies the methods of use of living plants and parts of plants, such as building materials, used together with inert materials such as stones, earth, etc. The use of these techniques serves to improve the insertion into the landscape of certain engineering works, thus limiting their impact on the landscape and naturalistic level; at the same time to limit the construction costs since the materials are available on site.

The bridle

The bridle or ramp can be made of timber, stone or as in this case mixed, timber and stone. The bridle aims to reduce the speed of the water by avoiding a very fast erosion of the banks of the stream and its bed, the debris of which could settle could obstruct the water course and cause flooding. If the bridle affects rivers where a population of fish live that swim upstream to reproduce, then a channel is left beside the bridle for the passage of fish.

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