Orfento Valley State Natural Reserve - Abruzzo

Orfento Valley State Natural Reserve - Abruzzo

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Oriented Nature Reserve; Valle dellOrfento I established with D.M. 11 October 1971 and Orfento Valley II established with Ministerial Decree March 29, 1972; both are included in the Majella National Park.
Region: Abruzzo
Province: Pescara

The State Nature Reserve Valle dellOrfento I occupies an area of ​​1,920 hectares and that Valle dellOrfento II of 320 hectares; both are located in the Municipality of Caramanico Terme and affect the river bed of the Orfento, along the limestone reliefs covered by forests and high-altitude pines

Oriented State Natural Reserve of the Orfento Valley (photo


The Orfento river, which gives its name to the splendid valley that descends from the main peaks of the Majella massif to the inhabited area of ​​Caramanico Terme, has eroded over millions of years one of the most spectacular and important valleys of the Apennines from a naturalistic point of view. The Valle dell Orfento I and II Reserves occupy an area from 500 to 2,676 m (Monte Focalone).
The more resistant rock layers have given rise to imposing rocky bastions and the more compact banks sometimes form along the walls of the large canopies. The largest and most accessible of these natural shelters constituted the first refuge of the hermits who, by closing them on the downstream side, easily obtained cells, places of worship, etc. Starting in 1980, deer and roe deer were reintroduced into the Orfento Valley which subsequently recolonized the entire Majella area. The considerable altimetric excursions and the diversity of the exposures determine a strong variability in climatic and vegetational conditions. The stable presence of the otter in the river basin is very interesting.

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