Porto Conte Natural Park - Sardinia

Porto Conte Natural Park - Sardinia

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; established with L.R. February 26, 1999, n. 4.
Region: Sardinia
Province: Sassari

The Porto Conte Natural Park is located along the north-western coast of Sardinia, in the municipality of Alghero. It occupies an area of ​​5,200 hectares that overlook the large bay of Porto Conte.

Cala Longa and Monte Timidone - Porto Conte Natural Park (photo


The protected area extends from the edge of the city of Alghero to Punta Cristallo. The core includes the state forest Le Prigionette, where there are several varieties of pine, the typical species of the Mediterranean scrub and the rare Centaurea horrida, a Sardinian endemic species. Rich the presence of fauna species, including the griffon vulture, which has recently reappeared.

Piana Island from Cala della Barca - Porto Conte Natural Park (photo

Information for the visit

Sardinian Forest Authority
Territorial service of Sassari
Via Roma, 62
07100 Sassari
Porto Conte State Forest - Alghero

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