Regional Natural Reserve Biviere di Gela - Sicily

Regional Natural Reserve Biviere di Gela - Sicily

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Oriented Regional Nature Reserve established with D.A.R.T.A. September 1, 1997 n. 585; Wetland of international importance (Ramsar) with D.M. June 16, 1987 n. 300; Lipu Oasis since 1998
Region: Sicily
Province: Caltanissetta

The Regional Natural Reserve Oriented by Biviere di Gela involves a coastal wetland, covering 336 hectares, in the Municipality of Gela (Caltanissetta).

Biviere di Gela Nature Reserve (photo


Formerly called Gelonio lake, the Biviere di Gela has the appearance of a huge African oasis for the dunes that separate it from the sea, known as Macconi. Currently the lake is about 1.3 km from the coast and today has an extension, referred to the body of water, of 0.76 sq km (against an original surface of 0.84 sq km); it has a longitudinal development in the west-east direction, with a maximum length of about 2.5 km and an average width of 0.6 km. Its perimeter is characterized by numerous loops.
Despite being subjected to various human interventions, the lake retains its naturalistic value with open waters, shallow waters with submerged vegetation, thick reeds interspersed with syrups, rushes and cattails, tamarisk groves and wet meadows.
The lacustrine vegetation is characterized by submerged plants such as Potamogeton pectinatus and Ceratophyllum demersum and riparian plants such as Scirpus maritimus and lacustrine, as well as Pharagmites communis in those places that dry up for some periods of the year. In spring, rare and multiform wild orchids bloom in meadows and uncultivated areas.
The remaining dune areas are instead the kingdom of the white broom. In the same environment, the very rare Leopoldia gussonei survives, a rare endemic species of the Gulf of Gela. These plant formations are particularly important as refuge, feeding and for the nesting of numerous aquatic birds and other wildlife. In fact, the Reserve is home to dozens of bird species, boasts the highest number of nesting aquatic species in Sicily and is the first landing place after the migratory crossing from Africa. In addition to herons and ducks, more than 150 different species of other birds recover their lost energy.

Biviere di Gela Nature Reserve (photo Lipu-Biviere Campo Archive)

Biviere di Gela Nature Reserve

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Oriented Nature Reserve Biviere di Gela
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