Cattle breeds: Mont B liarde

Cattle breeds: Mont B liarde

Origin and diffusion area

Originally from the Principality of Montbéliarde in Eastern France. It derives from Simmental Switzerland (belongs to the group of Pezzata Rosse derivatives derived from Simmental). In fact, at the beginning of the 18th century, breeders from the Bernese Oberland settled in the Principality of Montbéliarde, bringing Simmental subjects with them. The breed was formed with the contribution of these imported subjects and of local breeds (especially Taurache and Fémeline). In the selection, more attention was paid to milk. Mostly bred in the south-eastern regions of France.

Morphological characteristics

Red dappled coat tending to fromentino (more vivid red than Simmental).
Ventral regions and generally white limbs.
White head with red ears (rarely red spots on the head).
Red-colored muzzle.
Horns (short) and waxy yellow claws.
Large animals (females 138-142 cm; 600-700 kg).

Productive characteristics

Greater aptitude for milk.

Mont Béliarde breed cow

Mont Béliarde breed bull

Breeding areas of the Mont Béliarde breed in France

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