Cattle breeds: Alpine Gray

Cattle breeds: Alpine Gray

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Origin and diffusion area

Belonging to the group of the gray of the alpine arc, it has changed in relation to the environmental and breeding conditions and due to the crossings that occurred with the various breeds of transit from the Brenner pass. The most widespread area is the central part of the Alpine Arc, in particular South Tyrol, some valleys in the province of Trento and also in the difficult mountain areas of Vicenza, Treviso and Belluno. In 1980 the National Association of Cattle Breeders of the Gray Alpine Breed was founded - A.N.A. ALPINE GRAY. It is one of 11 breeds belonging to the European Federation of Alpine System breeds (Abondance-France; Grigio Alpina-Italy; Herens-Switzerland; Hinterwälder-Germany; Pinzgauer-Austria; Rendena-Italy; Tarentaise-France; Tiroler Grauvieh-Austria; Valdostana-Italy; Vordelwälder-Germany; Vosgienne-France). It is bred in purity.

Morphological characteristics

The typical color of the coat is light silver, with darker shades around the eyes, on the neck, on the shoulder and on the sides.
The bulls are darker.
Black mucous membranes and black muzzle with white halo.
Light and black horn at the tip.
Harmonic animals, medium to small size and stature.

Productive characteristics

Dual-purpose breed with a prevalence of milk.
The Grigio Alpina breed cattle adapt to even the most difficult grazing conditions and, compared to the weight and the non-pushed breeding conditions, the milk production is excellent. Thanks to its good production and morpho-functional characteristics (rusticity, ease in farrowing, longevity, good milking) it contributes effectively to the profitability of mountain farms.
ANAGRA website:

Alpine Gray heifer

Bull of Grigio Alpina breed

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