Pig breeds: Pulawska pig

Pig breeds: Pulawska pig

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Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

Area of ​​origin: Poland.

The pig breed puławska fu created in 1920 by the governmental institute for agricultural research of the city of Pulawy (from which it takes its name), through the selection of pigs from the village of Golab related to ancient local breeds and pigs of the Berkshire breed. Pulawska pigs are robust, resistant and long-lived animals, sometimes aggressive when they are in the herd.
These pigs are raised for fat and meat, of the highest quality, used in numerous recipes and typical products of the Lubin region, such as sausage (in Polish nadwieprzanska kielbasa) and ham, lo szynka. The marbled and tender meat, thanks to the presence of intramuscular fat, retains its aromas and flavors intact even in sausage products.

Morphological characteristics

The coat of pulawska pigs is black and white piebald with a prevalence of black spots, but there are also tricolor specimens with black-white coat and some reddish areas, or predominantly black pigs with white patches located only at the height of the muzzle, of the legs and the caudal area. The head is small in size, with a broad frontal area and a slightly concave front-nasal profile. The ears are erect and slightly forward, but in rare cases they can be pendulous; the neck is short, the chest wide and deep, barrel-shaped. The dorsal line, broad and of medium length, is convex while the broad, rather long and robust croup is firmly attached to the lumbar and slightly inclined muscles. The tail is straight, the thighs wide, with a convex rear profile and the robust limbs have an average length. The sows, which reach sexual maturity rather early, develop at least 12 functional breasts giving birth to 9 to 12 piglets per litter. (source

Sow Puławska (photo

Puławska pigs (photo

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