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Gennaro Pisciotta, graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the G. Marconi University - Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technologies in Rome, he is a freelance Agrotechnician and Oenologist and has taught at ISIS "Falcone" in Pozzuoli (Naples). Curriculum vitae
Gabriella Di Massimo she graduated in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Perugia. Registered in the National Mycologist Register, she carries out research at the Department of Plant Biology and Agro-environmental Biotechnology, in the project Evolution of mycorrhization in truffle hobs subjected to different cultivation techniques at the University of Perugia. Curriculum vitae
Chiara Serena Soffiantini is Gianmaria Pisani graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Parma (the first with a thesis entitled "Comparison of deer populations of the Parma Apennines on the basis of growth parameters", the second with a thesis on the use of flakes in ruminant feeding ).
Other collaborators: Domenico Ciminelli, Fabio Zambon, Flavio Rabitti, Giuseppe Acella, Matteo Fabbri, Marco Sollazzo, Sara Dioguardi, Niccolò Bartoli, Elena Nelli, Stefano Collini, Tiziana Brocchi, Francesco Calzolari, Mariapia Calza, Sauro Giannerini, Pasquale DAncicco and Fabrizio Focardi.
For collaboration proposals write to Marco Salvaterra [email protected]

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