Ducks: Aylesbury

Ducks: Aylesbury

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Heavy breed selected in England but of Asian origin. The American-type Beijing and White Allier breeds have Aylesbury blood. Beef breed, it lays around 100-120 eggs per year (minimum weight 80 grams and white to green shell).

Morphological characteristics

White plumage with elongated head; pinkish white beak and dark eyes. It has more horizontal bearing than the Beijing duck; loose gait. Well developed body, wide chest; short limbs of strong orange color.

Medium weight:
- male a. 3.5 kg
- female a. 3.0 kg

White Aylesbury Duck (male) (website photo)

Breed standard - FIAV

I - General
Bred in England as a fattening duck.

Minimum weight g. 80
Shell color: white to green.

Male and female: 20

II - Type and Address for Selection
Massive body without appearing excessively heavy; finely built in all its parts; horizontal posture.

III - Standard
General Appearance and Characteristics of the Breed

1 - Form
Trunk: wide, long and deep; it narrows slightly to the rear.
Head: long, with narrow skull. Flat forehead rising in a slight arch; cheeks wide and accentuated, but which do not give
the impression of a strong head.
Beak: very long and powerful; tight at the attachment with the skull, it widens slightly on the front; slightly concave top.
Pale pink color; slight peeling of the nailed allowance in adult females.
Eyes: rounded. Dark iris.
Neck: fairly narrow and gracefully arched.
Back: wide and slightly rounded
Wings: long and well-tightened to the body.
Tail: closed, horizontal flow or slightly inclined.
Chest: very full, wide and rounded, with very low descending keel that widens forward and straight along the bottom line.
Legs: strong legs, but hidden by the plumage. Medium length tarsi; strong; dark yellow in young subjects, orange in
adult ones.
Belly: well developed but not crawling.
Serious defects:
Narrow or short body; habit detected; absence or insufficient development of the keel; rounded and high forehead; head strongly
rounded; short, narrow and strongly yellowish or spotted beak; dark nail; soft plumage.

2 - Weight
Male: kg. 3.5
Female: kg. 3.0

3 - Plumage
Conformation: well adherent to the body.

IV - Colors

White without feathers of another color. Slight yellowish reflections tolerated in the autumn.
Serious Defects: strongly yellowish plumage.

Video: Aylesbury Ducks at Mudchute (January 2022).