Breeds of canaries: Curled from the South

Breeds of canaries: Curled from the South

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Cut it:
Length cm. 17-18, perfect proportions - Points 10.

Aforma of 7, protracted over time; trunk and tail in an almost vertical line, forming an angle of just over 90 ° with the head-neck axis - Points 10.

Silky, abundant, composed; smooth abdomen; all colors allowed - Points 10.

Shoulder pads:
Well divided, symmetrical, voluminous (thick, wide and extended to the whole back) - Points 10.

Voluminous (thick and wide), supported, symmetrical, curved upwards until they go beyond the edge of the straps - Points 10.

Symmetrical, well detected, in the shape of a swallow's nest - Points 10.

Head and neck:
Rather small, serpentiform and smooth head; neck smooth, light, of good length and leaning forward horizontally or almost - Points 10.

Regular (complete with intact, normally developed and hawksbone feathers), well worn (adhering to the body, neither falling nor crossing) - Points 5.

Lower limbs: long and most extended; legs and tarsi in a perfectly vertical line, without heel angles; legs with close-fitting and fully visible plumage; strong, regular tarsi, fingers and nails - Points 15.

Straight, homogeneous, complete, proportionate to the body, slightly forked; rooster feathers absent; regular undertail - Points 5.

Cleanliness, liveliness, state of health - Points 5.

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