Dog breeds: Piccolo Brabantino - Griffon Brabancon

Dog breeds: Piccolo Brabantino - Griffon Brabancon

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Belgium.
F.C.I classification: Group 9 - companion dogs.

The Piccolo Bramantino (Petit Barbançon - Kleine Brabander) has the same origins as the "Belgian Griffoncino". Both descend from a Griffon of the "Barbet" type, in the past rather widespread both in Holland and in Belgium and northern France. His name gives us proof that this dog was selected in Bramante, Belgium. Since the lack of rough hair is not enough to make it a different breed, it is considered by many to be a simple variety. Of made from specimens that are covered with fur can be born some specimens with short hair. Bramantino, like the Griffoncino, begins to be registered in the Herd Book after 1863. the type homogeneity in the three varieties is only reached in 1905. it is currently less widespread than the Griffoncini. In Italy it is very rare.

General aspect

Since it does not have the characteristic hard hair coat of the Griffoncini, it appears completely different from them. Its trunk seems much less massive and its head has a less voluminous appearance, moreover the muzzle is devoid of beard and mustache. In addition to these aspects, the typical characteristics of Bramantino are those of the Griffoncini. Its colors are the same as those of the "Belgian" and "Brussels".


Its character aspect is completely identical to that of the Griffoncini. It is a canine always in attention. It is a breed with exceptional temperament. It has a strong spirit of independence. He is morbidly attached to his master, to whom he requires constant attention. Despite his small size, he is a reliable guardian of the property and proves to be very brave. With strangers he is loyal and determined. Very suitable for living at home with the family or in an apartment. Perfect companion dog. Less demanding than the other two Griffoncini.

Sciuscià del Poderuzzo of middle earth, male of Piccolo Brabantino
(pr. [email protected])


Height: from 18 to 20 cm at the withers.
Weight: from 2.5 to 5 kg.

Trunk: chest wide and deep enough.
Head and muzzle: broad and rounded, with a rounded forehead, it must be well garnished with hard and matted hair, slightly elongated around the eyes, the nose, the cheeks and the chin. Prominent and wide chin, which goes beyond the upper jaw. Lips edged in black.
Truffle: always decidedly black, broad, with well-pronounced slit; short nasal bridge.
Teeth: the incisors of the lower jaw go beyond those of the upper jaw.
Neck: of right dimensions in relation to the skull and the head.
Ears: well erect.
Eyes: very large, round, black, with long black eyelashes, black-rimmed eyelids, well spaced and protruding.
Limbs: straight, medium length. Short, round and compact feet; black plantar pads; black nails.
Pace: regular and rhythmic.
Musculature: good development.
Tail: raised, sometimes cut to 2/3.
Skin: well adherent to the body in every point.
Hair: short and close to the body.
Allowed colors: reddish or black-tan. The black mask is not a defect.
Most common defects: brown or light truffle, patches of white fur, colors not allowed by the standard, non-standard measures, hanging tongue, clear nails, dislocation, patellar dislocation, claudicant subjects, incorrect gait, incorrect angles, monorchidism, cryptorchidism.

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