Wildlife in Italy: Wood pigeon Columba palumbus

Wildlife in Italy: Wood pigeon Columba palumbus

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Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Birds
Order: Colombiformi
Family: Columbidae
Kind: Columba
Species: palumbus

Widespread in Europe up to 65 ° north latitude, western and southern Asia, northern Africa. In Italy it is short-lived and winter, sometimes even breeding.

Wood pigeon (photo Sauro Giannerini)

Wood pigeon (photo

Distinctive characters

The weight varies from 420-580g, it has heavy and massive shapes, pointed beak, curved at the apex with fleshy base, long wings, square tail, short tarsi and covered with feathers for half their length. Distinctive features par excellence are, the white collar on the neck (occurs around 4 months of age) and the wing which is crossed in the middle by a vertical white strip.


It frequents every type of tall forest with clearings and adjacent cultivated areas; coastal countryside and pine forests. Wary and wingman, he has a straight and fast flight. Like all pigeons, it drinks in an unusual way for birds, in fact it drinks by sucking by immersing its beak in the water. Monogamous, the breeding season begins in March-April with wedding parades. The female usually prepares the nest on trees or rocky walls, the male carries the material. 2 white eggs are laid hatched by the male during the day and the female at night for 17 days. the chicks remain in the nest for 3-4 weeks and are raised with "pigeon milk", a slurry secreted by the goiter mucosa. Even three annual broods. The wood pigeon feeds mainly on seeds. Still common and numerous species despite the high hunting pressure.
The flocks of pigeons during the pass have a precise hierarchical order that manifests itself especially during grazing (the youngest on the outside act as sentinels).

curated by Sauro Giannerini

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